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You do not need to submit your company as the dataset we use is provided by The BizwikiBot spider regularly adds to the dataset. Please ensure that your website clearly states your full company name and contact details in order to ensure that BizwikiBot can easily find and add you.

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If you need to report an error or have a listing removed from TownPages please use the "report any errors" link at the bottom of that listing.

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We have received a number of complaints about a company with a name similar to that have charged people for listing their business.

Please note that TownPages does not charge for inclusion or amendments to listings and that is not associated with any other sites such as or companies of a similar name. is owned and operated by Infoactive Media, a UK registered company, and the data on is supplied by Bizwiki UK, a company directory that is completely free.

Infoactive Media Ltd
62 Tritton Rd
SE21 8DE
United Kingdom

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